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Acquisitions Program for Municipal Collections: Author’s Ceramics

“Caldas Cidade Cerâmica 2020” program integrated the planned activities within the scope of Caldas da Rainha as a UNESCO Creative City. The City Council of Caldas da Rainha, manager of this project, decided to create this programme of purchases for the ceramists of the municipality, in order to achieve two objectives: 1 – to constitute a collection of ceramics representative of the authors who make today the ceramics of Caldas da Rainha; 2 – support ceramists in a period of enormous economic and social difficulty in the covid-19 pandemic context.

The “Acquisition Program: Author Ceramics” was materialized in the acquisition of ceramic pieces that characterized the production of the bidders and whose application was accepted by the selection jury. The acquisition proposals did not exceed the overall value of € 1,000 per author, and there are no restrictions on the total number of pieces. Thirty-seven ceramic authors competed, and 34 ceramists were accepted, totaling 118 ceramic pieces.