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TAME THE FIRE | Cutlery, Ceramics and Gastronomy

Through CENTRA Association – Arts Center Friends and integrated in the UNESCO Program: Caldas da Rainha, Creative City, it was proposed to create an event capable of bringing together two of the most important sectors and tradition of the Municipality: ceramics and cutlery. To these two doings, good gastronomy was added. Three elements united under the prism of transformation by fire.

Tribute was paid to Fogo in this first edition of the event “TAME FIRE, Cutlery, Ceramics and Gastronomy”. A celebration around a large bonfire that fed the different transforming processes, which succeeded and complemented each other over the two days. A journey to the essence of creation, starting point in the production of raw material, through the demonstration of techniques of transformation/ modeling of raw material (with all the physical and mental effort that are inherent) culminating in the result (im) that are unique pieces, some of them produced in loco and live and with the possibility of being auctioned at the end of the event.

More than an event, it was the promotion, transmission and sharing of knowledge, techniques, methods and traditions. The legacy of our ancestors, adapted to today.

Promoter: CENTRA Association – Arts Center Friends