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Carlos Oliveira

Carlos António Ferreira Branco de Oliveira

Carlos Oliveira has consolidated his career as a sculptor rather than a ceramicist. Carlos was born in 1693 in Caldas da Rainha and when CENCAL opened its doors to ceramics training in 1981, Carlos began his training with Artur Lopes, Armando Correia and Herculano Elias as his masters. In the 1980s he was involved in ceramics industry projects in the areas of modelling, design and moulds. In 1989 he set up his own studio. He essentially works on sculptures, which, when figurative, are life-size and high-fired. His work is very wide-ranging, mainly in the public domain with a focus on religious statuary or the creation of workers from various professions, from fishermen to resin and vine makers, among others. Carlos Oliveira gives his characters a veracity that, when placed in their places, they feel integrated into the environment and you wonder when they started working. His women express tenderness. Carlos has taken part in numerous exhibitions, participated in the execution of monuments, and has several public works, such as a ceramic panel in the Quadrante building, a bronze in honour of the Oeiras Fire Brigade, a sculpture of the twelve Apostles in the Porto Salvo Church and many more.