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Vitor Lopes

Vitor Lopes (1960), born in Caldas da Rainha, started his ceramist activity in the early eighties almost simultaneously with the beginning of his teaching career at Raul Proença Secondary School, where he teaches Geography.
In his craft workshop, currently located in Formigal, he has been exploring different themes, highlighting phallic ceramics (malandrices), thus continuing this tradition of Caldas, despite using a language different from that which tradition has accustomed us. Masks, fish, nativity scenes, panels, are other aspects of his work, which is mainly intended for trade in craft stores throughout the country. This option because the commercial aspect and the fact that red clay handicraft was gaining expression in the last two decades, following the growing trend of the handicraft market in Portugal.
The red clay combined sometimes with white clay, is the material basis of his work, which is performed entirely manually, using modeling and using mainly the technique of Engobes in painting. The pieces are cooked in monocozedure, in electric oven, about 950 C.

He has been part of the Association of Artisans of Caldas da Rainha since its foundation. Participated in several events and collective and individual exhibitions in Portugal with works in ceramics (contemporary crafts) and painting.
Participation in events and exhibitions from 1980:
Two presences in the biennial of fine arts of the Avante festival; Exhibition of contemporary crafts at Expo 98, Lisbon; Exhibition, within the scope of the training course in contemporary ceramics, in Pombal; Several exhibitions of nativity scenes (Óbidos, Vila do Conde, Alenquer, Gaeiras); Other exhibitions of ceramics and painting of local scope.