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Vítor Lopes Henriques

Vítor Lopes Henriques is what can be called an old school ceramist, since he was still a kid in the family home playing with clay. He was born on 03/06/1947 and at the age of 14 went to work for Secla, one of the most modern ceramic factories in Caldas, where he was from 1961 to 1972, having performed the functions of Moldist Formist and then Section Manager; from 1972 to 1992, worked at the Bordalo Pinheiro Faience Plant; in 1996 at F. A. Santos Lda.; at Otecer, Olaria de Terracota e Cerâmica Lda. In 1997; as a Professional Assistant of Madres e Moldes, at Fábrica F. A. Santos, in 2000/2001; as a trainer in the action of Training for Industrial Technician of Ceramics – Madres e Moldes – at CENCAL in 1992 and 1993; at Fábrica de Vila Nova de Anços, in 1995 at the Formation Center of Santarém; he is a founding partner of the Priapo Brotherhood. As it turns out, he worked in most of the existing ceramic factories in Caldas da Rainha, in the mid-twentieth century and still continues to develop his art in the workshop located in the Expoeste Pavilion. He is a recognized creator of phallic artifacts, the so famous malandrices of Caldas. He won the 1st Prize of the Parody Show and in the Calditas Contest, he received the 3rd Prize. He uses faience in his work. In addition to the “trickery”, caricatures of well-known characters of our society and many Zés Povinho of various sizes also come out of his hands.