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Sílvia Jácome

Sílvia Jácome is a ceramist whose pieces are inspired by nature, and an expressive minimalism. Silvia was born on 10/07/1973 in France, but soon came to Tomar. In 1994, she came to study for Caldas da Rainha having attended CENCAL and ESAD, where she graduated in “Design and Technology for Ceramics”. In 2013 she comes to Caldas da Rainha as a ceramist. She works mainly with porcelain, and from her hands comes decorative pieces as well as jewelry, pieces of a beauty and an elegant colorful simplicity. Her pieces are executed in porcelain, and in its decoration uses mainly glazed with soft colors and high reliefs of natural inspiration. Often the interior of the pieces, for example bowls, the interior color is different from the exterior, creating an element of contrast. Silvia also creates pieces of jewellery in porcelain, decorated in soft tones. Also noteworthy is her set of dishes inspired by traditional embroidery, with its fiery red color interior. Her ceramic production, very much based on simplified design, is in the words of the artist a minimalist work with soul, inspired by nature. Her work is sold in the studio, online and at fairs and exhibitions.