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Teresa Alves Ceramista

Maria Teresa de Jesus Pereira Alves

Born in 1969. Graduated in Design and Technologies for Ceramics at ESAD CR. and in Creative Ceramics at CENCAL, Training Center for the Ceramic Industry.

Teresa Alves builds all her pieces using stoneware with chamote, from modulation techniques, roll, and Lastra technique. They tell a common narrative: they are all linked to the rhythm of the universe, the backbone of his work, the seed of the transformation of something that evolves, to where? We do not know … maybe to return to the great universe, and one day return regenerated / to the “school planet”. So we identify curved lines, which can remind us of cells, waves, codes, finally… movement, life.

Teresa Alves

Credits: Marta Poppe

Credits: João Sá Pereira