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Olaria Lindinho

Jorge Lindinho

Jorge Lindinho has his studio next to one of the busiest highways around the city. Jorge was born on 17/12/1968, in Caldas da Rainha. His learning of ceramics begins at CENCAL through attending the first course of “Pottery”, with the masters Armindo Reis and João Reis. Later, he attends the course of “Decorative Ceramics”. In 1989 he creates his own studio, which he calls “Lindinho Pottery”. Over time the ceramist works in several factories: Secla, Subtil and Molde. At the same time, until 1994, he participated in several exhibitions and fairs by the Association of Artisans. It restarts its activity in pottery in 2015 while attending new formations: matte copper raku, painting and decoration, obvara – very old technique of cooking similar to raku, in which water and some flour is used – and pottery revisited by design and glazing. When we enter your studio the surprise is total: on the tables are numerous pieces to dry. Drying the clay or drying the paint, ready for finishing. Many of them are animals that present a particularity: they are open-mouthed with a smiling air and look at us as if saying “laugh, we are happy!” Along with these pieces there are others of more utilitarian inclination, such as the hens with high tail. Jorge’s work is based on red clay and his pieces are born on the wheel, and then worked in a stylized way with application of glazes and high fire paints. To highlight, a set of pieces in which clay is combined with wicker, which turns them into elegant decorative pieces. Jorge Lindinho is certified by CEARTE and has the Artisan charter. His pieces are sold in the studio and in establishments in Nazaré, Batalha, Alvor and Madeira and, of course, in Caldas da Rainha.