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Joana Dias

Joana Isabel das Neves Dias

Joana Dias was born on 23/04/1987 in Torres Vedras, and in 2006/07, comes to Caldas da Rainha to obtain a degree in “Production and Cultural Management”, at ESAD. In 2018, at CENCAL, she attends the course “Reviver Bordalo”, where she acquires knowledge in various fields: molds, drawing of pieces, glazed. In the Industrial Zone there is a large warehouse transformed into a workshop of experimentation and ceramic work, where several artists gather rehearsing new techniques and exchanging knowledge, which is called ORIGAMI. In the year 2000 Joana Dias joins this group, and thus develops her techniques: she works essentially with red clay and earthenware, making decorative and utilitarian pieces: cabbages, Adam ribs – the ornamental plant and not those of the skeleton – nests, table games, dishes, needlewomen. At the moment she is experimenting with applying and producing pieces in glass. Joana uses honey yellow and cobalt blue in her pieces. Sells her work in the workshop and on demand.