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105 Ceramic Lab

Hugo Graça e Joana Julião

105 Ceramic Lab, whose fiscal name is Azul Errante – Produção Artesanal Lda, is engaged in modelling and product development in the ceramics sector. It focuses on personalised products and concept modelling. The studio, founded in 2011, has grown over the years and already has a renowned client base in the area. In 2017, Hugo Graça and Joana Julião opened the company in response to market demands. 105 Ceramic Lab has a physical space in operation in the CERES Building – Caldas da Rainha, a space where various individual and collective artistic projects in the city coexist. The atelier is fully equipped, allowing for low-cost proofs of concept, technical cooperation in the area of product design and project execution, the materialisation of ideas and concepts into a final product. 105 Ceramic Lab produces the entire process of modelling, moulds, prototypes and execution of its own products, as well as for other brands or artists/designers. The focus is on small-scale production, between 10 and 150 units, however, for larger scales, 105 uses partnerships with local/regional factories with years of experience and recognised in the market. As complementary activities, 105 Ceramic Lab promotes training and workshops in the area, offers firing services (up to 1250ºC), glazing or the sale of ceramic pastes. These possibilities are very useful for the local community of artists, as well as for ceramics students (not just those in higher education) or the curious who are just taking their first steps in the area. Here they can fire and glaze their pieces at affordable costs and usually with technical advice on what they want to create and what options they have at the various stages of the ceramic process. Due to the diversity of services and dynamics it provides, 105 Ceramic Lab has become a meeting and sharing space that brings together the artistic and student community, local factories and artisans and clients from different scales, geographies and contexts.