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Filipe Faleiro

Filipe Faleiro was born on February 1, 1992, in Lisbon. Early awakened to the arts, fruit of curiosity and creativity stimulated by the family. However, the first contact with ceramics only occurred in 2016, at CENCAL, through the Creative Ceramics Technician course.

Since then, he has developed an intense and stimulating self-taught path, based on the experimentation of clay and conformation techniques. He has built his knowledge from the constant research he does, as well as what he observes and experiences.

The passion for clay, born in a play with free creation from the human figure, was consubstantiating and in 2018, set up his studio in Caldas da Rainha, where he began to develop systematically his pieces in ceramics. The recreation of his imaginary has as basic elements, the human figure, animal and the sphere. Clay is not only a raw material, it is the language through which it goes beyond its interior. It is the diary of its memories, reflections and sensations. Filipe Faleiro creates from a theme and deepens it in several pieces, crossing languages, in a continuity that does not compromise the whole. The exaggerated, round and asymmetrical shapes are of particular interest. The lack of symmetry allows to create rhythms, movements and shocking sensations.

His collections tell the story of his looks at the world.