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Atelier S. Miguel

Fernando Miguel e Milena Miguel

Fernando Miguel and Milena Miguel have their atelier in a large space called “Atelier S. Miguel”, which brings together three distinct spaces: the atelier itself, an exhibition and sales area, and a third space where the estate of Alberto Miguel [1932-1997], a renowned ceramic folk art artist and Fernando Miguel’s father, is on display. Fernando Miguel was born in 1958, and it can be said that he has always had contact with ceramics: the grandson and son of clay artists, working with clay is in his blood. Milena Miguel was born in 1961 in Lisbon and had her first contact with handicrafts through her father-in-law Alberto Miguel. In 1992 the “Atelier S. Miguel” was set up, where the two ceramists developed their work. The ceramic pieces that come out of their hands, whether artistic, figurative, religious or satirical, are unmistakable. The satirical pieces, critical of characters or social situations, reach a parodic level that is difficult to achieve. The expressions, the positions, the details make the parodied characters easily identifiable to those who see them. Many of these pieces are made of red, yellow or white clay or earthenware, which gives them a plasticity that allows them to be appreciated from different angles. His cribs, on the other hand, are works for constant discovery because their meticulous details make them unique. The materials used are the same. The artist couple have taken part in numerous exhibitions, both national and international, and have won several prizes, including best handicraft at the FIA and the Vila do Conde Handicraft Fair. Miguel’s pieces are sold at events dedicated exclusively to handicrafts and in stores all over the country.