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Olaria S. Pedro

Sónia Borga

Sónia Borga, was born on 18/02/1971 in Luanda and very early comes to Caldas da Rainha; still a child has her first contact with ceramics playing in her grandmother’s pottery. As time goes by and with the support of her uncle the potter Armindo Reis, she unravels the secrets of working clay. When her time came, she attends the Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro School, where she has two years of modeling with Mestre Herculano Elias, after which she attends ESAD, taking the course of “Plastic Arts”. She began his career as a ceramist in 1998, giving her studio the name “Olaria S. Pedro”. Using various pastes, especially stoneware, it is also dedicated to sculpture pottery and all its pieces are executed by hand, creating panels, tiles, and large plates in which apply the technique of drains, making each piece of these a kaleidoscopic blend of color. Sónia has public work done: in the Church of Tornada, in the Church of Alfeizerão, in São Martinho do Porto and in Nazaré, in the elevator and in the fort. She participated in the Gubbiio International Biennial in Italy. Her pieces are sold in her studio, in Óbidos, in Sintra and in Lisbon.