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Patrícia Ribeiro

Patrícia Ribeiro was born and raised in Proença-a-Nova, Beira Baixa.

She has her atelier in Foz do Arelho and since 2017, she has done several courses and training in the area of ceramics, already with some solo and collective exhibitions, carried out.

It is essentially inspired by nature, using natural forms, palpable organic textures, colors, sensations, emotions, and touch are key factors.

Her work is based on two essential lines: Nature at home and perfection, which is in the naturally imperfect.

The power to express your emotions, irreverence and energies through your pieces gives you great pleasure. Her pieces are handmade, combining various techniques of ceramic alchemy.

She also tries to use folders collected by herself in nature, using and highlighting the use of this paste on the potter’s wheel, with weights, in the sculpture.

Its pieces are dried natural, with a constant research and use of more traditional methods and materials. It has a zero waste policy, with recycling of materials and raw materials.

Each piece is crafted as if it were a work of art. Clay is not just an art. It is a way of life.