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Coletivo Lume

The coletivo Lume, formed in 2022, is made up of a group of six young designers/artists, Pedro Lobo, Dolca, Tauxungo, Sofia Venâncio, MAMOMA and Carlos Mestre. This collective shares its space in the CERES building in Caldas da Rainha, where each member of the Lume collective brings with them a diverse set of skills and experiences, contributing to a shared working environment rich in diversity and creativity.
Although individuality is valued and respected, it is the shared passion for ceramics that has established the bond between the members of the Lume collective, making use of both traditional and contemporary techniques, exploring resources such as the potter’s wheel, filling molds, the ballast technique and painting with clay, with ceramics not being the only focus for approaching the elements. This variety of approaches creates an environment conducive to the constant exchange of ideas, boosting both individual and collective growth.