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Atelier Sá Nogueira

José de Sá Nogueira e Amélia Sá Nogueira

José de Sá Nogueira and Amélia Sá Nogueira work in a paradisiacal location. Their studio is surrounded by the green of the trees and the blue of the sky. When they open the door to their home, we are enveloped by a kaleidoscope of colors, resulting from a panel made up of relief tiles, in a repetition that constitutes a singular unity. José Sá Nogueira was born on April 7, 1957, in Sintra. He trained in “Fire Arts” at the António Arroio School in Lisbon. Amélia Sá Nogueira was born on 11/02/1971 in Caldas da Rainha. After a more classical education, she was seduced by working in clay and took a course in “Ceramics and Glass” at CENCAL. Her current studio was set up in 2001. It is through a wide door that we enter this space whose side walls are completely covered in tiles. The one on the right is a sunny yellow and the one on the left has polychromatic and relief tiles in contrast to the exuberance of the other wall. The ceramists who make up “Atelier Sá Nogueira” are exclusively dedicated to earthenware tiles. Inside the atelier, wherever you look, you’ll only see tiles of different sizes and colors and in various stages of manufacture. A panoply of colors and decorative elements give the space a touch of beauty and good taste. Boxes of various sizes, with tiled lids, are both decorative and utilitarian, as they can be used to keep all your secrets. The work of these artists represents a renewal of the traditional azulejo, so characteristic of the facades of buildings in some Portuguese cities, which gives them a unique character. How beautiful our city would look lined with tiles! The “Atelier Sá Nogueira” products can be found for sale at the Town Hall Tourist Office, at Gazeta das Caldas and at Mr. Jacinto’s store. It can also be obtained through direct sales on the internet, as well as in Museum Shops and other leading establishments.