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Atelier XIS – Cerâmica de Autor

Ivo Miguel Nunes Ximenes Correia

Ivo Miguel Nunes Ximenes Correia was born on December 14, 1981, among the ceramic works of his father, Master Armando Correia. As soon as he mastered his hands and the necessary malleability, around the age of 3, he began working with his father, making small porcelain pieces: brooches, bowls, fish and birds using his father’s molds and models. He soon learned to master the technique by watching those who knew how to work and who, certainly by giving him advice, helped him to complete his apprenticeship in this area. At a certain stage, using the same molds, he reproduced pieces, giving preference to red clay and porcelain. In the meantime, life takes a turn. His father died in 2008 and Ivo moved abroad, only to return in 2011. During this period, ceramics became a dormant taste. The reason behind his return to ceramics is very curious. One morning, he noticed that the cups he used for breakfast were dull white pieces and decided to paint them. That was the simple fact that sparked his interest in ceramics again. He has a degree in biotechnology and currently works as an agronomist. In his spare time, especially in the late afternoon when the sun is slowly setting over the terrace of his house, he dedicates himself to modeling pieces, many of them with naturalistic motifs. Ivo likes to use the colors green and ultramarine blue. His figurative pieces are unique, and animals are a constant presence in the tile panels he creates. He also makes nativity scenes which he exhibits at the annual Gaeiras exhibition. Ivo sells his work online, in Caldas, Lisbon, Vila Nova de Mil Fontes and S. Martinho.