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Georgina Silva

Georgina de Lourdes Gonçalves da Silva

Georgina Silva is born on 08/06/1969 in S. Paulo, Brazil. The turns that life gives, causes 27 years ago to come to Portugal and 24 years ago to Caldas da Rainha. For 15 years she began to study at CENCAL in the course of Creative Ceramics and later takes the course of Plastic Arts at ESAD after which she does an internship at the Ceramics Museum. In 2007, she creates a ceramic workshop in Encosta do Sol, where he begins to produce pieces using the wheel, being these pieces of a utilitarian nature, such as dishes, plates, mugs, etc. She also creates decorative pieces, of animal nature, with predominance for sardines and swallows, which decorates their beautiful pleasure, innovating and not copying the traditional decoration. Works preferably with white clay, red and stoneware. She currently runs a ceramics shop, so her personal production has resented her.