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António Pedro Caetano Pacheco

António Pedro Caetano Pacheco is the founder and head of a project planned along modern lines with the aim of teaching and disseminating ceramics, as well as studying projects for realization. He named this project ArteFactory, combining art with making. As we walked along the path towards the studio, we were met by two good-natured dogs, as if to welcome us. António Pedro was born on April 24, 1965 in Santa Maria de Belém in Lisbon. In 1985, he enrolled at the António Arroio School [Lisbon] on the Fire Arts course, studying different materials: ceramics, metals and wood. In 1984, he attended a 9-month apprenticeship at the Secla factory in Caldas da Rainha. In 1985, he began his apprenticeship in vocational education and at CENCAL he started his modeling course. When he finished this course, he was invited by the then Director of CENCAL, Dr. Vicente do Carmo, to teach at this professional center and there he was a colleague in Armando Correia’s design area and also dedicated himself to learning and later teaching cad-can. This period ran from 1985 to 1995. At the end of 1980, the last of the design students left. As a result, António Pedro left CENCAL and spent the next 23 years working for two American multinationals that he had already worked with as a supervising technician. He then moved to Santa Maria da Feira and worked as a quality manager for a company in the automobile industry. At the age of 50 – an age for evaluating his life and taking on new projects – he decided to change his life. He set up a studio at home and was simultaneously offered the position of ceramic art coordinator at CENCAL, which he accepted. In his studio, where three other people work, he dedicates himself to: industrial prototyping, i.e. industrial modeling, collaborating in the execution of works by international artists, producing series for international galleries, completing projects that present themselves as empowering. He works with a wide variety of materials: plaster, resins, silicones. He welcomes Erasmus students in his studio.