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Ana Teresa dos Santos

Ana Teresa Rodrigues Roque dos Santos

Ana Teresa was born on 10 January 1970, in Lisbon, at the Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital, which was her only point of contact with the capital; she is therefore from Caldas in spirit and in heart.
Ana Teresa has a degree in Business Management (UAL), and when she finished her degree she went to work in the commercial area at the SUBTIL factory (Caldas da Rainha) in 1997/1998.
Then, as a result of the twists and turns of life, for years she devoted herself to her three children, which prevented her from taking up a full-time job.
After her children were raised and on their way in life, she came to the conclusion that she would like to devote herself to something that had fascinated her for a long time: ceramics. She remembers visiting the Ceramics Fairs held in Parque D. Carlos I, where the potters worked live, turning their wheels and creating pieces that enchanted her.
If she thought so, she did better: in 2014, she enrolled at CENCAL and attended the following courses: “Creative Ceramics”, with Alexandra Silva and Nadine, “Sculpture”, “Drawing”, Ceramics on Wheels”, after which she went to work as an intern with Isabel Maria d’Azevedo Claro, better known as Bolota. This internship continued and, with the knowledge she acquired, Ana Teresa is now endeavouring to set up her own studio.
She uses porcelain and stoneware with chamotte in her work and has yet to define a specific line of creation; she uses the wheel, creates utilitarian pieces, likes natural colours, as well as white and blue.
She took part in a ceramics exhibition at the Salão de Turismo and currently has a public work, which is a ceramic panel in shades of white, blue and green. It’s a relief panel placed on the Caldas Terrace, which fits in very well with the greenery that surrounds the building.
Ana Teresa sells her pieces in various cities, in Óbidos, Caldas and receives commissions.